Choosing the Right VoIP Service Providers for Your Business

Changing your business setup from regular or traditional phone system to voice over Internet protocol is no doubt a challenge. This confusion is actually due to choosing the best one among all the providers in your area because you don’t have experience about it. Here are some points to consider before opting any of the service providers.


Just because the company is a voice over Internet provider, does not automatically indicates that it makes them reliable too. Many of them enter the market and fade quickly. You should find out that how long the company has been in the market for provision of that specific service before going for it. Recently established countries may look attractive but it is worthy to go with the experiences provider. Also, you need to consider the company’s reputation. Ask to the ones that are already in business with that company and observe what they think about their service and reliability.


After narrowing down your field to a few reliable sources of VoIP providers, now you should also dig in about the quality of these service providers. No doubt that you would want to save money. However, if you are unable to listen or hear the person on the other end of the line or they are having a hard time in listening yours due to quality of the call it is seriously not worthy. You also want something that is clear even if you are using only the protocol for internal phone lines.

PBX Systems


Many businesses have a PBX operating system that is already in place. There are several VoIP service providers that will work with currentor existing equipment while some do not. Now, you need to identify that weather you want to keep a working system, upgrade it or to have them host your operating system. Hosting is not the best option if you are running a mid to large firm. You have to invest in a system that is well-suited with your phone system being installed. In many cases, you are able to use what you already have. Small businesses with 50 employees or even less can get benefit from using the hosted service other than making sure their system is well-matched/compatible.

Operating Cost

Of course one of the major concerns is finding VoIP service providers that would remain within your operating budget. While choosing one you need to ask that if the fees they ask for are per minute or costs monthly. Also, if you seek to talk to your clients overseas, you need to find out what are their rates for various countries in which you will be making calls the most. These companies will charge you differently for every area, and some companies may be cheaper than others. Usually, voice over Internet is much cheaperas compared to a traditional landline phone company.


While quality, cost and reliability are dominant, it does not cause any harm to search what other features are offered by the company. Some may have time-based call conditions, interactive voice response and a directory they can make up for you. Businesses that have customer service departmentsmight go with a company that will offers them call queuing and recording. So, you need to choose accordingly.